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Sunday. 3.9.08 2:36 pm
Lying in bed, the sunlight glitters across my smooth skin. Joyous and hopeful, the ray of beams reinvigorates the longing of a warm future. "Est-ce que c'est la fin?". I secretly asked. Averting eye contacts, hoping that by delaying, I will get a different answer.

Outside the window, the world is crushed under a snow storm and we are completely oblivious of its cries for mercy.

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Missing you guys
Monday. 9.24.07 10:34 pm
Everyday at lunch, I’d look enviously at the packed boxes that my colleagues have. Most of them still lives with their parents, or are already married with their own families. It’s something that eats at my heart whenever I sit down with them for lunch. Their multicolored boxes dotting the table, making my single cup of instant noodle stands out like a trench-coated lone gunman.

I am really missing my family, or rather, the comfort of one. Everyday I come home and it’s just myself and the multitude of problems awaiting to be solved. There’s never relaxation, only temporary escapes from reality. It’s true that you get the comfort of being your own boss, but at the same time, you don’t have the cozy feeling that someone’s got your back whatever happens.

There’s never any nice surprises that warms your heart. A nice meal ready after a hard days work, pre-filled gas tank when someone knows that you are driving long distance, or just the simple familiar question: “are you allright” when you have a bad day.

Nope, it’s just me and the world.

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Letters to you
Monday. 9.24.07 10:01 pm
Letters from you. Bills from canceled subscriptions and the various document requests that I have to dig up for you because you can’t be bothered to look it up. Life is a pest, an annoying son of biatch.

I always thought that life would be simpler under your care, without all these forms made from black ink and white paper. I signed up for all these extra protection under the pretense that I have a choice when you are just as happy shoving it up my throat if I refuse. What do these serve? When the important time was upon me, where were you and your promises?

Really, I am just pissed off by how greedy you are. Sitting on your arse, not doing anything. Yet you ask for 67% of the profits. Sure you are smart and sure you’ll be rich. BUT YOU ARE A FUCKING JERK!

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Tuesday. 9.18.07 8:38 pm
The night was beautiful.
Elegant in its melancholy state, she warmed my heart with a light drizzle, soothing the scream that tries to escape.
I swallowed, blinked and felt the water drip down the curves of my cheek.

It hurts, but soo much that I can't cry a heart wrenching song, yet not enough for me to die of heartbreak.

So I walked

From dim orange street light to dim orange street light, until I reached the end of the road and stared at the window to get a glimpse of her shadow.

Only to see the dark projection of two bodies intertwined together, undulating to the rhythm of music.

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Zombie queen concept
Wednesday. 4.18.07 9:53 pm

Hello everyone. Haven't updated for a while because I've been doing some real work on giving the story a solid fundation. During my spare time, I've decided to bring Aniah, my zombie queen from visualization to some kind of art form.


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Writing fiction
Monday. 3.26.07 12:41 pm
I enjoy the challenge of writing a fiction tale. The extra effort that I have to put in to create a new world with its own set of laws governing behaviors is like consuming a few truffles with home brew coffee... Ok I admit it, I always consume truffles with coffee when I am writing, it is my way of getting the creative juices flowing.

Defining the world is not all for nothing though. It helps me in determining a character's reaction as well as new stimulus that motivates them to push their limits. It changes possibilities in interaction and put my mind to imagining the impossible.

"Zan shot the big badabing in the head with his Colt rifle" Is much more boring than "Zan threw the knife towards the big badabing's eye, aimed at the knife's handle with his new found inner sense, then fired the burst of bullet which propelled the knife to a different speed. Effectively throwing off the magician's timing successfully enchanting the crucial barrier field."

My favorite part is the Big Badabing.

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